Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What's in my frig?

I have a lot of healthy snacks in my refrigerator, like fruits, yogurt, cheese, etc. I actually try to eat four to five times a day to maintain my weight. I know, don't you hate me? ;-) So one of my favorite standby snacks is hummus. It's a great healthy snack because of the ingredients, very much the Mediterranean diet. I also think it's very versatile. I use it as a spread on toast or a dip for crackers. There are a lot of brands of hummus at the stores, but right now I'm eating this particular Trader Joe's Tomato & Basil hummus. It's so yummy. And it has the right consistency...not too dry, but not totally wet. Another brand I like is the house-made hummus at Whole Foods, but they can be pricey, of course. Along with this Trader Joe's hummus, I'd recommend getting their store-brand thin crackers. They're so crispy and tasty and nice to dip in the hummus. Is it time for my snack yet?

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Anonymous said...

i like the regular hummus at Trader joe's myself. i have to try the tomato & basil one soon.