Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Business Lunch: Fried Rice Korean-Style

Fried rice is always my easy go-to lunch for work because I'm using leftover rice and whatever is in my refrigerator. The recipe below is for Kim Chee Fried Rice, which is inspired by my recent hankering for Korean food and from what is a very popular dish in Hawaii. The Kim Chee makes this a bit spicier dish, but tasty if it's one of your favorite ethnic condiment. And it is for me. Just a warning though, some of your co-workers may not be familiar with the smell of Kim Chee, especially when warmed in the office microwave. So be considerate and heat it up and let the food air out a bit before dashing off to enjoy your lunch! (Note: I always cook brown rice, so my fried rice looks brown because of that. You can use regular long grain white rice that's one to two days old.)

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