Sunday, April 22, 2007

Think Green

Happy Earth Day everyone! (And it turned out to be a nice sunny earth day in the Bay Area after some overnight showers.) I'm a big believer of caring for our planet, which is why I have the banner from on my site. I try to do everything I can to help the Earth, and--bringing this all back to food--one of the best things you can do to help the planet is by shopping at your local farmers market. Shopping locally not only supports people who live in your community (or nearby) but it means less energy is used to ship the produce to you. And when you buy organic produce, which you can find often at farmers markets, that means less chemicals are being used in the soil and contaminating the ground. I just came back from shopping at my farmers market in the Temescal neighborhood in Oakland. (I bought some cauliflower and leeks to make my cauliflower soup, and some fresh bread.) What's nice is that it's just a 10-minute walk from my home, so I didn't have to drive (not that I would since I don't own a car). So get out and visit a farmers market today, or next weekend. And be nice to our planet. It's your home, too.

Here's a nice comprehensive list of Bay Area farmers markets from SFGate.

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