Monday, April 09, 2007

Business Lunch: Leftover Easter Ham

So were you like me and ended up making a big hunk of ham for Easter dinner? I was just planning to make a small ham, but the small hams cost just as much as the huge ham on sale. Crazy. So my freezer is stocked with lots of ham, and I also used some to make fried rice for lunch this week.

Fried rice is a quick way to use up common leftover ingredients: rice and meat. The best fried rice is based on leftover rice. If you use freshly cooked rice, it may have too much moisture to nicely fry up in your wok. (Note: I eat brown rice, so my fried rice looks a bit more brown because of that, not because I overloaded on soy sauce. You can use white rice if that's what you typically eat. Long grain is best.) And you'll see that this version of fried rice is simple because I use frozen peas and carrots. After cooking a big hunk of Easter ham, why worry about too many ingredients when preparing for lunch for work? I always have a bag of frozen vegetables handy for a quick meal. Enjoy!

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