Thursday, April 12, 2007

In the Kitchen: Dropping The Egg

Here's a quick and simple demo on creating egg drop or egg flower soup that's a common technique in Chinese kitchens. The flower patterns from the egg dropped into clear broth is commonly seen in such soups like hot and sour soup or cream corn soup. In this demo, I make my Rainbow Tofu Soup, which is one of the first soups my sister taught me when I first started cooking.

This soup (recipe below) is super easy and doesn't take long because I use frozen vegetables and the tofu and tomatoes don't need to cook that long. But all the ingredients together create this nice, colorful soup, which is why I call it Rainbow Tofu Soup. Also, if you haven't had soft or silken tofu as a soup, then you really should try it. It's healthy for you and the texture is so nice it's like eating creme brulee. OK, so it's not sweet and there's no crusty caramel top to break through. I'm trying my best. Give me a break! :)

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