Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No Room For Food Fights

The recent discourse on the Web and in newspapers such as the New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle about manners on blogs got me thinking. Of course, much of the concerns over vitriolic debate rests with the political blogs, not one about risotto and spring rolls. (Although, I've known a few bloggers who can go on and on about homemade stock or the virtues of Rachel Ray.) Since I've been doing this blog for more than six months, I thought I should clarify some points about how I run this blog. I've delivered the fine print as an update in my profile, which you can view by clinking on "Chef Ben" under the contributors section to the right. There you'll see my "rules" (however minimal) and a bit about what this blog is all about. And now, put away your rolling pins and let's all play nice! :)

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