Monday, November 13, 2006

Meyer Lemon Custard Cakes

This recipe is reprinted from the Martha Stewart Living Web site. Text in orange are changes to the recipe by the Single Guy Chef.


Unsalted butter, room temperature, for custard cups
3 large eggs, separated
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 T all-purpose flour
2-3 t grated Meyer lemon zest (1 lemon)
1/4 cup fresh Meyer lemon juice (about 2 lemons)
1 cup milk
1 t vanilla extract
1/4 t salt
Confectioner's sugar for dusting

Serves 6; Prep Time: 20 minutes; Total Time: 45 minutes

Preheat oven to 350°. Set a kettle of water to boil. Butter six 6-ounce custard cups and place in a dish towel-lined baking dish or roasting pan.
In a large bowl, whisk egg yolks and sugar until light; whisk in flour. Gradually whisk in lemon juice, then milk, vanilla extract and zest.
With an electric mixer, beat egg whites and salt until soft peaks form. Add to lemon batter and fold in gently with a whisk (batter will be quite liquid).
Divide batter among prepared custard cups; place baking dish in oven and fill with boiling water to reach halfway up sides of cups. Bake until puffed and lightly browned (but pudding is still visible in bottom), 20 to 25 minutes. Serve slightly warm or at room temperature, dusted with confectioners’ sugar.


Anonymous said...

I just found some Meyer lemons at the market and was wondering what to make with them. This sounds so delicious, I'll try this for dinner.
Eva M.

Unknown said...

This also can be baked in a larger souffle-type baking dish. Very easy, light and refreshing after a heavier or spicy meal, and great for summer nights. i was a bit concerned about the baking time - it did work, but i had to open up one of the servings to see if it was cooked enough - it wasn't at first, but it didn't take that much longer for it to be perfect. Try it out on family before serving it to guests and then mark the time needed!!

Single Guy Ben said...

Thanks Marianne for the tip. The idea of a big lemon custard souffle sounds amazing, but as the Single Guy I doubt I'd ever need to make one so huge. :)