Thursday, December 23, 2010

Black Jet Bakery Pop-Up at Workshop SF

As everyone was bustling around Union Square in San Francisco looking for last-minute gifts, I started my holiday break by, what else?, hunting down food goods. And that's how I ended up north of the Panhandle at Workshop SF to check out the Black Jet Bakery Pie Sale.

Black Jet Bakery has a commercial kitchen but doesn't have a retail space yet, so the owners have been holding these pop-ups to sell their pies. It was great timing for those looking for a ready-made dessert for Christmas eve dinner, with flavors like chocolate pecan, apple cranberry, and my favorite name for a flavor ... "boozy apricot."

There also were several holiday-flavored cookies like gingerbread. I ended up getting a couple of the apricot sammies, which looked really luxurious with the apricot filling.

Black Jet is also known for its home-made pop tarts. I had read that one of the most popular flavors is jalapeno cream cheese. Oh man, doesn't that sound good? Well, even though I had gotten to the pie sale early on, the jalapeno cream cheese pop tarts were already sold out. Whaaaat?? That's when I learned a very important word: pre-order.

Oh well, I ended up getting a pluot pop tart, which gave me the memories of the summer fruit on this winter day. The pop tart is actually like eating a folded over pie crust.

The Workshop SF space is also interesting. I'd never heard of them, but it's a spot with a lot of do-it-yourself classes and crafts for sale by the DIYers.

I didn't end up getting any of Black Jet pies, which sold for $20 each, just because that's a lot for one person. When I left, I realized they were selling "pies in the jar," and I should have asked about them (none were on display) because I bet that would have been perfect for me.

Black Jet Bakery hopes to have a retail space by fall 2011. For now, just keep your ears out for another one of their pop-ups, and remember to pre-order the jalapeno cream cheese pop tart. That's my tip to you for this holiday season. You're welcome.


Carolyn Jung said...

Wow, those pies look beautiful! If you're ever confronted with that situation again, just buy the whole pie, and freeze half of it. After one bite, you'll probably be glad that you have the stash in the freezer to enjoy at a future date.

foodhoe said...

Omg, that jalapeno cream cheese pop tart just sounds too good to be true!

Anonymous said...

So happy you stopped by! Your photos are beautiful!