Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas or Happy Festivus!

Some of you might have noticed that this blog didn't really post a lot about the holidays. No cookie recipes. No ideas for holiday entertaining (although publicists bombarding my email with cocktail ideas didn't seem to realize I don't care). Hate to get all Grinch on you all but this year I just wasn't into the holidays, and am actually spending a very quiet Christmas.

But this isn't a post to bring you all down. I thought I'd give in and do one holiday post, and share photos I recently took as an assignment of an Oakland home that was decorated for the family's annual holiday party. It was such a beautiful home, and if I lived in such a home, I'd probably be throwing a holiday shin-dig every year too.

And I guess it's a reminder that the holidays isn't about how much you decorate your home or how much gifts you give or receive. It's not about the roast in the oven or the pies you spend all day baking. It's about how you feel inside, for yourself and for those around you. And how you learn to keep that feeling all year long.

Wishing you all the best in the coming year!


Anonymous said...

Sorry you don't feel holidayish. I had some yams and went through internet and found a recipe of baked yams with flour, pecans on top. Didn't have enough yams, so I mashed the two boiled carrots in! Hope nobody knows the difference. Roasted some garlic, just because the oven was on. Happy Holidays! Enjoyed your blog all year.

The Librarian said...

Christmas has never been one of my favorite holidays, being Jewish and all, but I loved your comments. It helps put things in perspective. Thank you for your wonderful blog - I too enjoy it all year.
All the best!

foodhoe said...

Yay I'm feeling it too. Oversaturation and over-indulgence... hope you are enjoying some downtime and I'm sure good eats are involved. Happy festivus to you too!

Hungry Dog said...

Sorry you weren't feeling the holiday spirit--I can relate. It's not always the happiest time. However, your photos are beautiful. And now you can focus on the new year!