Sunday, December 12, 2010

You Can't Beat Beets

This is the season of the root vegetables, and no root gets me rooting for it more than the beet. Yeah, they're kind of a pain to work with, and yeah, they stain your fingers, but when made fresh, they're soooo good. I'm a fan. I'm seeing a lot of beets at the farmers market recently, like this colorful chiogga beet that has that interesting design in the center. These particular beets are pretty nice when thinly sliced and blanched and then added to a salad. I have to start cooking more with beets now that they're plentiful.


Anonymous said...

I love beets too, especially the organic kind. So sweet! My niece taught me to just boil and peel. If only I knew sooner. I got tired of red fingers, so I use a glove now.

Jenster said...

I love roasting cubed beats with some olive oil and garlic - so simple and delicious.

The first time I peeled a beet I had no idea about the red stain. By the time I was done I looked like a serial killer.

Carolyn Jung said...

I just roasted some beets last night. Just the regular ol' ones, not the fancy looking ones like you have in your pic. Still, they were deeply sweet.