Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Mankind is Noodlekind"

Just got back from a book reading tonight in San Francisco. "The Ramen King and I: How the Inventor of Instant Noodles Fixed My Love Life" by San Francisco writer Andy Raskin is a story about a man's quest to meet Momofuku Ando, the man behind Top Ramen and Cup of Noodles.

I don't think I'm giving anything away to say that, no, Raskin never meets Ando. But that's not what the book is really about. Like all good books, it's about a lot more. It's about life lessons and self-discovery.

Raskin seems like a really interesting person and I can't wait to start flipping through the page. The initial pages I've read seem really funny and insightful. I would be reading it now if I didn't get sucked into the whole Adam vs. Kris sing off. (Vote Kris, OK?)

In the photo above, Raskin holds a magazine that shows a photo of Ando. And the title of this post, "Mankind is noodlekind," is actually Raskin's loose translation of a Japanese saying written by Ando. (Raskin takes Ando's philosophical writings and uses it in his own Dear Abby-like Web site. Ando died in 2007.)

This is the first book for Raskin, a regular contributor to NPR's All Things Considered and This American Life. Next time you're at the bookstore (remember them?) you should check out this book. No water needed.


foodhoe said...

how interesting, I just signed up to see him as part of a panel discussion on ramen and culture... so, no recipes in the book then?

Carolyn Jung said...

Sounds like a fascinating topic for a book. And you know I can't resist, since I just ate my way through a couple of those Momofuku restaurants in New York. What can I say? I've never met a noodle I didn't like.

Single Guy Ben said...

Foodhoe, no there's no recipes. It's not that kind of book. ;-)

Carolyn, I don't think they sell instant noodles at the Momofuku restaurants in NYC, right? But noodles do make the world go round! LOL

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