Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sweet Tweets

OK, so I might be late to the party, but at least I'm fashionably late. ;-)

I'm now officially tweeting. You can find me at How is this different than just being one of my Google followers? Well, the Google feeds let you know whenever I post something new to my blog. But with Twitter, you get my random stream of food consciousness. Since I started my blog about three years ago, I find now that everything I do outside of work is somehow related to food. So now you can tell by following my tweets.

I may not tweet as often as, say, Tyler Florence or Rob Thomas, but I think you'll get an idea of what I'm up to. You'll also get previews of my blog because most of my activities end up being an official blown out posting here. So with my tweets, it's like you're in my inner circle as I develop blog posts.

You can go to Twitter and log in to follow me and get my tweets, or you can always just check out my latest tweets in the tweet wire on the right column. See you in the tweeter-verse.


foodhoe said...

lol, I'm following you and your stream of food consciousness... your tweetage doesn't seem to voluminous. did I see that you got a new communicator?

Single Guy Ben said...

Yes! I got the Blackberry Storm so now I'm all set for tweeting 24/7! LOL.