Thursday, September 18, 2008

Last Days of Summer: Be Kinder

There's just a few more days of summer left, so I decided to take the day off and catch one last baseball game. The Giants are out of town so I went to an Oakland A's game with the visiting Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (or whatever they're called now).

It wasn't a very competitive game because the Angels have already cinch the division. So instead, it was just a day to enjoy the beautiful weather, which was sunny but with the hint of a fall crisp air around the corner. It was perfect. To top it off, I decided to get a BBQ sandwich from Kinder, one of the new vendors at the Oakland Colisseum. (I may have talked about Kinder before, but I can't remember.)

Kinder has something called a Ball Tip Sandwich. I don't know if that's like tri-tip, but it's supposed to be thinly sliced beef. But I hardly eat beef, so I went for the BBQ Pull Pork Sandwich.

This is a close up look of my sandwich, which cost $8.75, the average price for the various Kinder sandwiches. It doesn't really look that pretty, huh? Looks like the sandwiches are put together somewhere else and then placed in a steam bath to reheat it. So that's why it looks a bit pressed up together. The thing about a pull pork sandwich, though, is it always look messy anyway. The pork was tender with a very strong smokey flavor. The BBQ sauce was a tad sweet for my taste, but overall it hit the spot.

I bought a ticket on the field level but in the cheaper sections farther out instead of those closer to home plate. What that means is I found myself right behind the visiting club bull pen, where the relief pitchers hang out. I was so close I could hear them talking with each other and goofing around. In fact, I was sitting right behind Angels pitcher Scot Shields, who was busy taunting the A's fans. All I have to say is, Scot, you crack me up! Too funny.

Looks like a sad baseball season for the Single Guy. Not only did the A's lose today, but the Giants and Yankees both will end their seasons without a perch in the playoffs. So I'm not sure who to root for in the World Series. On to 2009!


David K. and Ann C.-K. said...

Feel free to root for the Angels or the Dodgers in the playoffs! ;-) David

Single Guy Ben said...

No one is allowed to use the "D" word on this blog. ;-)

I knew you would root for the Angels, David, but I can't believe you would bleed Dodger blue. Although, I have to admit Torre does give them a fighting chance.

Anonymous said...

Beat LA, Beat LA! Sigh. On to next season is right....

Anonymous said...

k, so I see that it's kinders bbq... looks good to me I'll try to find them next time