Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In the Kitchen: Making Paella in Two Parts

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a demo video, and today I’m posting two! Well, it’s actually just on one topic but I had to split the video into two parts to upload onto YouTube. (Dang 10-minute limit!) I’m showing you how I make paella, one of my favorite dishes to make for Sunday dinner. People think it’s labor-intensive, but I find it pretty easy and nice to cook since everything’s in one pan. Plus you can bring the pan onto your table and eat right out of it.

Below are the two videos (don’t forget to watch them in order or you’ll totally get confused) and I’ve reprinted the recipe below. I actually posted the recipe a long time ago on the blog, but I’ve tweaked it a bit because, as you know, when you cook something again and again, you always find ways to refine it. Plus, I think these steps are a bit more authentic to a traditional Spanish paella. Well, as authentic as a Chinese-American guy making paella can do it! Enjoy!

I TAKE REQUESTS: OK, so I'm running out of ideas for kitchen demos. If you'd like to see something demonstrated or want to watch me cook something, I welcome your suggestions in the comments section! You can have a video dedicated to you!

FYI: YouTube might be acting up in watching videos, especially if you're using the Firefox browser. So if you don't see a video, click on the title to go to the direct link where the video sits in YouTube. Sigh, technology!

Paella Part One

Paella Part Two

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Those shrimps look great. I wanted to take a bite out of them raw. mmmm....