Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Celebration in Rockridge

This past week we've had some nice Indian Summer weather in the Bay Area (which we believe we're entitled too because our summers are never really summer), so yesterday was perfect weather for the annual Out and About Rockridge street fair in my neighborhood, a sort of harvest celebration in a way. I mean, just look at the hay.

This year's event was bigger than ever with more booths and stages with music and chef demos. Here are some shots from the day.

Cheese tasting from Fiscalini Farms.

This is tri-tip from the meat market at Market Hall.

Mint Pomegranate Lemonade from Citron Restaurant.

Oliveto's chef in his movie-star sunglasses standing next to a whole pig on a spit.

This is liberal Rockridge, so I heard a few people walk by and say it was "cruel" or "gross." Um, the pig was already slaughtered before they placed it on the spit. At least they're not using up gas to cook it.

I couldn't wait for the pig sandwiches and instead got this grilled salmon with tomatillo salsa from Hupuku Fish Market.

The chef's stage. Above, Joey Altman does a demo while pitching his new book, Without Reservations.

The weather did change later that evening and it actually did begin to feel like fall. Oh well, summer only could last so long, and at least we squeezed in one last perfect street fair.


V.Streit said...

When I was in the phillipines, my family would off a pig for whatever special occasion then roast it. Because I heard them slaughtering it, I never had it. Finally, I tried it and I can't get enough of the crispy skin. Mmm.

Passionate Eater said...

That does sound like a great street fair w/Chef Altman. Wow, you've really been hitting up those Bay Area food events Chef Ben!

Anonymous said...

Your salmon dish looked really good and I wonder how they got that little piggy to be so perfectly cylindrical? Chef Ben you're lucky to be so close to the epicenter of deliciousness forming over there in the Temescal!!!

Anonymous said...

whoopsy, that last comment by anonymous was me... got slap happy and hit the button too soon!