Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's In My Frig?

This is what it looked like in my refrigerator a few days ago. I had a whole bunch of these individual-size yogurt, not because I like variety (but I actually do), but because I've been feeling bored with my standby yogurt I usually buy. So I decided to test a few different ones to see if I can find a new favorite.

I notice at Whole Foods, they have so many low-fat and organic yogurt. So I just picked a few interesting ones. Let the taste test begin:

Cascade Fresh Fat-Free Yogurt (Orange Cream flavor), 79 cents. I thought this would be like eating a Creamsicle, which I used to love as a kid. But it was tart and had this odd chalky texture in my mouth. The texture was a bit more firm like custard, but not really pleasing. It says it's gluten-free and it didn't have any fat. Just sodium (4%), potassium (10%), carbs (7%) and protein (14%). For the orange flavor, they used mandarin orange marmalade at the bottom that wasn't that great. I didn't like this one.

Stonyfield Farm Organic Fat-Free French Vanilla Yogurt, $1.19. This had a clean texture that was like those Chinese tofu desserts I like, so it definitely was easier to swallow. It has no artificial sweeteners and also no fat. This was a possible substitute for my regular yogurt, but I didn't fall in love with it.

Clover Organic Farms Natural Low-Fat Yogurt (Vanilla Bean), $1.19. This was one of the worse of the batch, mostly because it was the most sour. I didn't like it even though it had a texture similar to creme brulee and it had the least calories (90) than all the others. The downside: it did have 3% fat and 8% saturated fat.

Brown Cow All-Natural Vanilla Bean, 99 cents. This had a nice, subtle flavor with a harder texture similar to soft cottage cheese that's been blended. I kind of liked this the best, although, again, I don't think it was way better than my current favorite (the Danon Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt). This had 150 calories and fat (3% total fat and 5% saturated fat).

Rachel's Relax Vanilla Chai Yogurt, $1.19. This had the nicest packaging, and I liked the whole relax idea. But it was tart and tangy, which some might like in yogurt but I don't unless it's frozen. There were hints of cinnamon, which I guess is the chai part. Even though this had a low-fat yogurt appearance, it had the most calories (160) compared to the others and it also had 4% total fat and 8% saturated fat. Also 3% cholesterol, which appeared in only a couple of others.

So despite all the varieties, I still couldn't find a new yogurt that I would love to eat every night. I guess I have to keep looking. If you have a favorite you want to recommend, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Though I too, keep Light and Fit Yogurt in my fridge for quick morning breakfasts, I prefer some Fage Greek Yogurt (0 %) and then add some fresh fruit to it. Or some sugar free syrup (Torriani French Vanilla).

Anonymous said...

I like Fage too, but prefer the texture of the 2% to the fat free version. It's a bit pricey, but well worth it. Try it with dried figs and honey!

Single Guy Ben said...

Hmm, I've never tried Greek yogurt. How is it different than regular yogurt? I'll have to keep my eyes out for this Fage brand.

Anonymous said...

Fage brand is sold at Trader Joe's. I think it's ok. Too sour for me by itself, I love it with honey.