Saturday, February 02, 2008

Flex Those Mussels

During this time of year, it’s great having all the seafood to eat around the Bay Area. Mostly because I find seafood is the easiest thing to cook because they don’t take much time to be done. One of my favorite quick-and-easy meals is a nice bowl of fresh mussels. Mussels are great for today’s conscientious home chef because they’re sustainable for the environment. You can eat a lot of them and not worry about the ocean running out, especially since mussels are also farm-raised. Below is my simple recipe to prepare them. It’s kind of like the classic French preparation with white wine (I forget the fancy French term), but I don’t use any butter. You can get creative and modify the recipe by adding other things like bacon pieces. But the highlight of the recipe is really the mussel juice that blends with the wine. That’s why you really need to serve it with a big piece of bread to soak up all the goodness. (And don’t forget to use a good quality wine that you’d like to drink on its own.) Enjoy!

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