Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Welcome to the 'hood Tyler

I was reading the food issue of this month's 7X7 Magazine (one of two San Francisco magazines) and on the cover was new homeboy Tyler Florence, who recently moved to the Bay Area (more specifically the hoity toity--is that still a word?--area of Marin County north of the city). Tyler is one of my early favorites on the Food Network, and I was living in New York and eating at his restaurant Cafeteria in Chelsea when it was at its peak in hipness. This is just another confirmation that the Bay Area is a foodie town. In the article, Tyler calls the Bay Area (and probably more specifically Napa Valley) the American Provence. Maybe I'll spot Florence at the Ferry Building Farmers' Market. Just this past Saturday I saw Chris Cosentino of Incanto doing some of his shopping at that food Mecca. (BTW, Cosentino had a big box of meat from Prather Ranch. You got to know that was a given.) Anyhoo, welcome to the Bay Area, the ultimate food nation. :)

Photo courtesy 7X7 Magazine, a Hartle Media publication.

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