Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hungry For Art?

COMING UP THIS WEEK: Starting Monday, I'll be doing a special series of posts on museum cafes in San Francisco. With the exception of New York and most European cities, San Francisco has some of the best museums to explore. But do the museum food match the reputation of this city's culinary brilliance? Well, check back tomorrow and see.

MY COMCAST AND MAC AREN'T SPEAKING TO EACH OTHER: I think we take technology for granted because things general work so well. Until they don't. Last week my 3-year-old Mac stopped talking to my Comcast high-speed cable modem, so I couldn't connect to the Internet. What? So how am I posting? I'm actually connecting to my cable modem with my old PC laptop from Dell. (Good thing I didn't sell it or donate it.) I'm telling you all this because the frustrating calls to Apple support and dealing with what is apparently a corrupted ethernet has distracted me from cooking and creating new recipes. So my apologies for not posting more recipes than I normally do. But I have been cooking with the season's sweet corn (mmm, made a corn chowder last week) and brilliant red tomatoes. I promise to post new recipes soon! For now, just check out the 93 recipes I have in my archives!

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Anonymous said...

Yum fresh corn chowder sounds yummy. And I'm interested in your museum cafe report. We've been to the DEYoung a couple of times and have had mixed reviews on the food. Wasn't sure if it was us or normal.