Saturday, August 18, 2007

Seen At The Market: Kona Coffee

This morning I went to the Grand Lake Farmers' Market. It was my first time at this Saturday morning farmers' market across from the Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland. It's not the most picturesque market (it's off to the side of the 580 overpass), but on a sunny summer day when the weather is warming up, it's fun shopping for your produce outdoors.

The market had your basic farmers' stands (I bought a bunch of pluots), but this particular stand caught my eye. Being a local boy from Hawaii, I always notice anything that remind me of the islands. Here, this guy was selling exclusively coffee beans from Hawaii. The islands are known for their rich-tasting coffee, grown almost all in Kona on the Big Island. I, unfortunately, have never tasted Kona coffee because I'm not a coffee drinker. But I had to blog about this coffee stand just to give props to my guys from Hawaii. (Although the guy selling coffee wasn't from Hawaii and is probably a reseller.) Either way, if you're at the Grand Lake farmers' market on Saturdays, look out for the stand with the banner "Hawaiian Regional Coffee." Or just follow your nose. :)

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