Saturday, April 09, 2011

Tell Tale Preserve Co. at the Ferry Building -- (CLOSED)

Update (8/26/11): Chef William Werner announced that he was ending his agreement with his financial partners and leaving behind Tell Tale Preserve. He plans to open something else under a different name.

This morning at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, I noticed the booth for the Tell Tale Preserve Co.

If you haven't heard about Tell Tale, it's the baby of former Quince pastry chef William Werner, who dreams of opening up his own business some time this spring, selling preserves and a lot more. He's been giving previews of his products through pop-ups and now at the Saturday farmers market.

Not just selling preserves like the name says, Werner creates all types of goodies, including home-made marshmallows and decadent-looking brownies with a caramel (not jam like I thought) center.

But one of Tell Tales' more interesting items was the perfect morning bite for me. It's called the "Rebel Within" ($6) and it's a savory breakfast muffin. The savory parts come from the bits of sausage in the tasty muffin, and the rebel within is the perfect hard boiled egg inside. This was an amazing breakfast in the hand, with all the engaging tidbits of salty and gooey and fluffy soft.

I can't wait for Werner's permanent store to open to see what else he'll create for lunch and dinner.


Jenster said...

I have never seen anything like that "Rebel Within" muffin. It looks to die for.

A said...

the brownie has salted caramel inside, not jam.

That egg doesn't look hard boiled, maybe soft boiled? I don't like runny eggs.

they don't know when the store will open when I asked the worker at the pop-up store, my guess is Summer/Fall or even later.

Single Guy Ben said...

A, thanks for correcting me about the brownie. Caramel actually sounds more fitting, and now I want to get one! Yeah, the egg isn't hard boiled, but it wasn't necessarily runny. So maybe more soft boiled. Still good though.

Carolyn Jung said...

I have been wanting to check this out. Even pastry chefs from other restaurants have been raving to me about how much they love Will Werner's creations.