Thursday, February 10, 2011

Demo on Making Coffee Chocolate Truffles

Just in time for Valentines, here's my video on making chocolate truffles. You know that I like making chocolates, mostly around the holidays when the weather is cooler, so here's a demo on making chocolate truffles (sometimes called bon bons).

What I like about chocolate truffles is that you can infuse it with all kind of flavors. And in this demo I infuse it with coffee beans to give it that nice coffee flavor (which I love to taste but not drink, oddly enough). Again, I chatted so much with the details on the instructions that I had to split the video into two parts to fit the YouTube time limit. So be sure to watch both videos.

By the way, this is my first video in my new kitchen. Look how shiny it looks. I feel like I'm in a studio kitchen! :) Also, I'm using a new video camera so I'm adjusting to the wide angle and getting used to positioning the camera. So sorry if some shots aren't the best. I'll get better as I get more comfortable with the camera. But in the meantime, watch this and then make some chocolates yourself. Enjoy!


Kara Thorndyke said...

I wonder how using bitter chocolate and coconut cream instead of heavy cream would taste. It could be a fun experiment and tasty for people with dairy allergies. Give it a try?

julieako said...

will you be my valentine and share?

Single Guy Ben said...

Kara, coconut cream sounds interesting. I bet it might work, but then I wouldn't infuse any other flavors. I bet using it, though, will only allow you to make coconut chocolate truffles every time because the coconut taste is so strong.

Julie, let's be virtual valentines today! :) (So that means virtual chocolates for you! ;-)

Carolyn Jung said...

The kitchen is SOOOO shiny that I practically need sunglasses when I watch this clever video. LOL

Unknown said...

Oh I don't know, there could be coconut curry, coconut almond, coconut ginger, coconut mocha, coconut lychee, coconut rum... need I go on? :-)