Sunday, February 13, 2011

Checking a Food Truck in Burbank

On Friday I had to fly down to Burbank for work. My company has offices down there, and occasionally I go down and interact with the rest of my team members. The last few times I went down, my co-workers would talk up all these food trucks that would park outside their building. But every time I was down there, the trucks would never be there.

Finally this time there were a few trucks, specifically an Indian food truck and a Cuban food truck. (There was also a truck selling women's clothing -- only in LA!) I ended up trying the Cuban truck, which was called No Jodas. (BTW, I took these photos with my new iPhone from Verizon.)

The truck looked pretty slick, and had a variety of sandwiches and sides for the picking. Of course, my favorite is always the Cubana pressed sandwich, but my co-worker Tammy ordered that and I thought maybe I should try something different, and next to the Cubana in the menu was something called a Medianoches. (All the sandwiches were $7.)

The Medianoches is pretty much a Cubana, with pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese and pickles, and a No Jodas special sauce. The only difference is that it's made with a Cuban sweet bread, which was kind of interesting. The sandwich looked really flat and was pretty big. I liked it but didn't love it. Something about the pork seemed like it needed more flavor or something.

Tammy liked her Cubana, which was on regular baguette but also pressed. She also felt the pork had a gamey flavor.

Another co-worker, Bonnie, ordered the vegetarian sandwich that was also on the sweet bread and stuffed with avocado, cilantro and onions and the No Jodas sauce. I didn't think that would be filling but Bonnie said it she liked it.

While I wanted more flavor in my sandwich from No Jodas, I'm still jealous that my co-workers in Burbank get the variety of food trucks for lunch while hardly any food trucks park near my office in Oakland. I guess I just have to fly down to Burbank again to try out other food trucks.

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Hungry Dog said...

Yet another excuse for me to get down to LA soon. I like the looks of these sammies.