Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eats for Brunch in San Francisco

Well-Executed Food in Cozy Spot
50 Clement St., San Francisco
Richmond neighborhood
PH: 415.751.8000
Open daily from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
No reservations, major credit cards accepted

Awhile back when shopping on Clement Street, I noticed this restaurant with a diner motif simply named Eats. It was the weekend and there were people waiting outside, so I knew this was a place I needed to check out.

Doing some research, I learned that Eats went through a renovation last year after it was taken over by the people behind the cult popular Burma Superstar just a few blocks away. I also learned that it was popular for brunch, so I came on a Saturday for brunch with my friend Ken.

We got there early, but the place was still packed so we got the very last table for two – a tiny table tucked into the corner that could fairly be described as half a table. But it didn’t matter because I was so mesmerized by our surroundings.

Eats was decorated with a whimsical touch with a bit of nostalgia. One of its more signature look is the wall of empty Coke bottles. But everything about the place had a fun yet stylish vibe.

The menu is your typical brunch offerings of eggs, pancakes, waffles and sandwiches, but the fresh seasonal ingredients signal that the chef is looking for creative dishes with quality flavors.

Ken went with the brunch favorite in California, which is the huevos ranchos. His plate came out looking fresh with the tortillas, cheese, avocado, eggs, and salsa topping. Ken seemed to enjoy it.

I couldn’t decide what to try, so ended up getting a build-your-plate special, starting out with two eggs over easy (just because it sounded so diner classic) with home fries. And instead of toast, our waitress suggested I subbed it for the waffle so I could give that a taste (excellent suggestion) and I got an additional side of chicken apple sausage.

The eggs were perfectly cooked, the exterior with no signs of grease burns and the inside yolk not overly runny. But really the best part of the plate was the waffle. It’s been a long time since I’ve had waffles, but the crunchy texture but cake-like filling was so perfectly done. A guy at the table next to us looked like he had a special dessert waffle plate topped with fresh fruits, and that looked like my Everest to try one day!

The sausages came out late when I was almost done with my plate. They were OK, but looked slightly burnt. That did give it a crispy edge.

This is a mini review since I just visited once, but the freshness of the dishes and the cozy and fun ambiance makes this a definite brunch destination. I would definitely be back, waiting amongst the weekend crowds.

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Kim said...

The huevos rancheros looks delish!

Hungry Dog said...

I really like this place, we go there once a month or so for lunch/brunch. I think the food is quite good and the service is very friendly. You know what's really insane there is there fried chicken sandwich. By insane, I mean good.

healy said...

like the place, love the food COOL! Salivating over it:)