Thursday, September 30, 2010

Create Your Flavor at Lush Gelato

I like to support the local businesses in my hood, and one that I've written about and visit often is Lush Gelato on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. This tiny gelato store with unique flavors have been such a hit that it expanded into a second location in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto. And right now, Lush Gelato is running a contest to find a new flavor.

For me, it's hard to imagine a better flavor than my all-time favorite at Lush, which is the basil ice cream. But owner Federico Murtagh is looking for a "people's flavor." So if you have a suggestion, you can submit your idea in person at either one of the two stores or visit their Facebook page.

Hurry, because the contest ends on Oct. 8. There will be an online poll to choose the winner, and if your flavor is chosen, you get to name the flavor and get a month of free gelato! Yum. When the flavor is made, Lush will host a two-hour free gelato party. Follow my tweets and I'll send out word when I hear when that party drops.

I think I'm going to enter with my own idea. Of course, all my flavor ideas will have to have some kind of alcohol like they do in Buenos Aires. Sabayon or something with rum. I taste a winner!

Lush Gelato, 4184 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, and 1511 Shattuck Ave. (in Epicurious Garden), Berkeley.


healy said...

this one sounds good. . .love the idea!:)

Jenster said...

I think a sangria flavor might be yummy. What do you think?

Carolyn Jung said...

Oooh, the basil sounds divine. Would be hard to top that. But I have faith in you! Can't wait to see what you come up with. ;)