Friday, March 12, 2010

Breakfast by the Bay

Yes, the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market can be a scene, crushed with young hipsters in their designer jeans and camera-toting tourists snapping away at some bell pepper. But this Saturday market is popular for a reason.

Along with the bountiful selection of fresh produce, flowers and baked goods, the farmers market provides one of the best views for brunch with outdoor seating facing the Bay Bridge (the pretty side).

The food options that line the side of the market facing the water can create some crazy lines, but often they’re so worth it. With a couple of new additions (namely Namu and Ryan Farr 4505 Meats), eating at the market got even more creative.

Spring is around the corner. So are endless days of sunny weekends (fingers-crossed). This just adds up to more people enjoying brunch at the farmers market. Here are just some of the breakfast scene at the Ferry Plaza that I took last Saturday. Notch this down as one of the reasons why we’re lucky to live in the Bay Area.

Home fries cooking on a skillet at Rose Pistola booth.

Kim chi fried rice. (Optional: Add an egg on top to make it more like breakfast food.)

Coffee drips at Blue Bottle booth.

Ryan Farr working the grill.

Raw/vegetarian options.

Longest line was at Roli Roti for the porchetta sandwiches.

The aforementioned view.


Hungry Dog said...

I haven't gotten to the Ferry Building market in awhile...this makes me pine for it. Maybe I'll go Saturday, especially if we're rain-free. I'm intrigued by the kimchee fried rice!

esther said...

That looks so nice! I'd love to go there when I'm in CA. Did the kimchi fried rice have spam in it? :) It's the best!

Cookie said...

I can't wait till the weather is nicer to be able to enjoy outdoor dining! I love the Ferry Building too, especially the Farmer's Market!

Single Guy Ben said...

Re: Kim chi fried rice, just so you know, it's $9, which is pricey but in line with the premium prices at the Ferry Building. It's made with bacon bits although spam would have been so excellent! :) The rice is kind of like sticky rice, so the fried rice isn't fluffy but more clumpy, but in a comfort-food kind of way. The kim chi is home-made but on the mild side, for what it's worth.

Carolyn Jung said...

I'm salivating. Kimchi rice, porchetta sandwiches, etc. But what? No sweets to end the day on? ;)

Anonymous said...

did I see u at the SF St Patty Day Parade? I thought it was u on Market St.

foodhoe said...

How lovely it all looks, I still need to try the porchetta sandwich at roliroti! Which reminds me, when are we going to do dinner at Cane Rosso!

Nate @ House of Annie said...

The weather is beautiful, which is why it's so crowded out there. You can hardly find a seat!

I wish that Roli Roti would do porchetta in their other locations. Not that I wouldn't want to eat his pork with such a nice view. But I am not enamored with the parking and crowd hassles.

Single Guy Ben said...

Anon.., yes I was at the St. Paddy's day parade. It was my first time checking it out, it looked like nice weather for a parade. I didn't see you though? ;-)

Foodhoe, just let me know when! I'm dying to check out the dinner there.

Nate/Annie, I agree. I see the RoliRoti truck at the Oakland Grand Lake farmers market but they only have the chicken. I'm not complaining because it's good, but it would be nice to try the porchetta there too.