Thursday, March 18, 2010

Feeling Blue for Chocolates?

I had some time to kill before my dinner at eVe in Berkeley recently, so I visited Chocolatier Blue, which is right next door on University Avenue.

The tiny shop from Chef Chris Blue has been open for awhile, and it’s opened a second location near Berkeley’s Fourth Street shopping district. But this was my first visit in the shop.

The soothing baby blue made the place seem like a spa, especially when you see this tiny nook with cushioned benches and calming light. Blue makes his chocolates by hand at the store, so they’re always fresh. What I noticed right away were the colors.

I’ve seen a lot of artisan chocolates, but these were by far the most outrageous in color and design (and maybe in shape too because I’ve never seen the curved rectangular shape in a chocolate piece before).

There were several interesting flavors to choose from. You can buy the chocolates in a box or by the piece. (On the side of the walls are also foreign chocolates from places like Italy that you can buy as a bar.)

I bought three pieces to try when I returned home. The round truffle with the tiny gold specks was Passion Fruit Caramel, which had a very thin chocolate shell and liquid filling. The odd rectangular shaped candy was Rosemary Grapefruit, which was sweet. The most interesting was the heart-shaped candy, the Champagne and Popcorn. Yep, popcorn. Funny huh?

The filling had two layers where the top thin layer was yellow and that’s the part that tasted like butter for the buttered popcorn. I guess the white part was the champagne? But it didn’t have a strong champagne flavor. I’m not sure if I would call this a winner, but it was unique.

I found that Chocolatier Blue’s chocolates are beautifully designed and are made with very thin chocolate shells and filling that’s more liquid than creamy. And with such exotic flavors, you can spend some time there figuring out your favorite.

Chocolatier Blue, 1964 University Ave., Berkeley. PH: 510.705.8800.

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foodhoe said...

What a lovely looking spot, I like the little nook. Funny how the high end chocolate displays seem like jewelry counters. I was at a chocolate counter in the Westfield Centre downtown that also has a variety of brilliant colors and intriguing shapes, I want to try the buttered popcorn too, sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

This Saturday is the
Chocolate Salon - all-you-can-eat Chocolate affair at Ft. Mason. I wish I can bite into all those chocolates.

Carolyn Jung said...

The chocolates there are really unusual, aren't they. I tried a peanut butter cookie from the Fourth Street locale one afternoon. Ahhh, not nearly up to par like their chocolates are. Unfortunately, the cookie was way underdone and just disintegrated when the saleswoman was trying to get it into the bag. Never a good sign.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Carolyn those cookies are mind-blowing good. I love that they are a little underdone and so does everyone else that stands in line for them! The cookies are the most flavorful cookies I've ever had in my life.

Single Guy Ben said...

Funny, I didn't notice any cookies when I went to the University Avenue store. I guess I was so mesmerized by the chocolates.

Hungry Dog said...

Wow, those chocolates look beautiful. I tend to go for pretty traditional flavors when it comes to chocolates but I love seeing how creative people are. Pretty photos!

Anonymous said...

I second the photos. You are a gifted photographer.

Andre Nievo said...

I am tempted by their slickness. How did they manage to make it look glossy?