Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hook Me Up: Haus Coffee

Today is the last day of my holiday break before I have to go back to work, so I thought I'd do the one thing that I promised myself to do during my vacation, which is to go to a coffee shop and do NOTHING. Yes, I have to schedule in time to do nothing.

So this morning, on a really beautiful winter day in the Bay Area, I packed up my laptop and headed to this coffee house in San Francisco's Mission District that I always walked by and wanted to try. It's been awhile since I've taken my laptop out of the house, and I've been feeling guilty that I haven't been letting it live up to its destiny of being a mobile computer.

So here I am at Haus Coffee on 24th Street. This place is a real minimalist temple to coffee. When you walk past it, you just notice the clean wood designs but don't see any signage other than a sandwich board. Inside is pretty much the same -- clean open space with clear windows to let in the Mission light.

There are natural wood tables and chairs that are like a showroom for some Scandinavian design firm. And the high ceilings with plain beams just continues the simple theme.

Haus serves up Ritual and De La Paz coffee, but most of you know I don't drink coffee (I know, makes it hard fitting in the laptop scene). Instead I'm having a Mighty Leaf organic breakfast tea ($2) with a blueberry muffin ($2). (They sell just a few pastries that look like they're from La Colombe Bakery.)

There's also a large patio in the back that looks like a popular spot during the summer (and maybe later today since we're supposed to get up to the 60s here). (I just went to the bathroom and noticed the sofa/lounge area has this cool quartz fireplace on the wall.) I really dig the simple surroundings because it makes it feel serene despite the hard rock music piping through at an audible but thankfully not intrusive level.

I know I've seen Haus get crowded later in the day, which is why I decided to hit this spot early to enjoy some quiet time as I wind up the last day of my vacation. Sigh.

Haus Coffee
Location: 3086 24th St. (between Lucky and Treat), San Francisco
PH: 415.826.2554
Food: Baked goods
Coffee: Ritual, De La Paz
Tea: Mighty Leaf
Wi-Fi: Yes, free (no password necessary).
Outlets: Two surge-protector strips on both ends against the wall (bring extension cords if needed).
Restrooms: Yes
Seating: About 22 chairs and a sofa area in the back and more tiny tables and plastic chairs in the patio.
Cleanliness: Good

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Hungry Dog said...

Hm, have not tried this place but I must make an effort to stop by! Sounds very pleasant indeed. Happy new year, Ben! Hope the return to work today isn't too traumatic.

agent713 said...

I schedule in down time too. It's the only way.

Carolyn Jung said...

I hear you on scheduling days to do nothing. I long to do that. It never seems like there's enough time to do nothing, if that makes any sense. :)