Monday, January 04, 2010

P.S. Pinkberry

Since I was already down in San Jose, I figured I might as well check out the Pinkberry store in San Jose’s Santana Row. This is the only Pinkberry location in the Bay Area, and just a reminder — Pinkberry ranks second (after Red Mango) on my list of the best fro-yo spots I’ve tried. (I tasted Pinkberry down in Southern California where they’re all over the place.)

The Pinkberry in San Jose is right in the center of the outdoor shopping district, which looks like a prime spot especially when the weather is nice. On this day, it wasn’t. So there wasn’t anyone sitting outside enjoying frozen yogurt. (There’s no seating inside the shop.)

I had my heart set on trying the coffee flavor, which I saw in the Pinkberry in Southern California. But the San Jose store doesn’t sell it. (They only have four dispensers so after the regular plain flavor and green tea, they can only offer two specialty flavors. In this case, it was pomegranate and coconut.)

I ended up getting the coconut. What I like about Pinkberry is that it charges a flat rate for toppings, so you can pile on as many different toppings as you want within reason. I went the healthy route and added lots of fresh raspberries, pomegranate seeds, strawberries and mango to my cup (along with a helping of crushed Oreos just for a little guilty pleasure).

I really enjoyed the coconut flavor, and I’m not really crazy for coconut. But it was nice to try something different, and the texture of the yogurt was what I remembered — creamy and light.

Here’s one of my friend Denise’s daughter, Kelli, outside Pinkberry with her fro-yo cup. You can always enlist kids to be your partner-in-crime to try a cold treat even on a rainy day.

Pinkberry, 368 Santana Row, San Jose. PH: 408.557.8333.


Hungry Dog said...

I heart pinkberry. Why isn't there one in SF yet? I'm not much for coconut but I'd love to try the pomegranate.

Carolyn Jung said...

Did you go shopping afterward? Pray tell, did you pick up any must-have items from nearby Burberry or Gucci? Inquiring fashionable foodies want to know. :)

foodhoe said...

Dang, I keep forgetting it's there... so, did it keep it's number 2 rank?

Single Guy Ben said...

Carolyn, I did go shopping afterwards, but only because I was tagging along with my friend Denise and her girls. So mostly watching Denise dress shop.

Foodhoe, I didn't respond right away to your question because I knew I was going to Red Mango this weekend. So I went back and ordered Red Mango's new flavor called Tangomonium, which is supposed to be a citrus flavor but tasted and looked a bit like honeydew. I liked it and I really liked the texture, which was creamy like fluffy cream cheese. For that reason, it made me want a Red Mango outlet closer to me. So YES, Red Mango is still one up over Pinkberry, which is good but not as full body as Red Mango. See my twitpic here.