Friday, October 23, 2009

Got Apples?

While I was at the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market last Saturday, I noticed that it was definitely apple season. I spotted several stands with crates of apples, from luscious pink ladies to petite cinnamons to green grannies.

I never really liked apples growing up in Hawaii because they were all shipped in from the Mainland and were often the huge, highly waxed Red Delicious. (Do you still eat those?) While an apple is a great carry-along snack because you can take it anywhere, I never really liked the chewy skin.

But now I can find all sorts of apples of different shapes and colors. One of my favorites from the stores is the macintosh variety (maybe because I’m a Mac guy) because of its crunchiness and sweet-tart flavor. I mostly just eat them as a snack or toss them in a salad. What do you like to do with apples?


Jenster said...

I never cared much for the waxy, mushy Red Delicious apples we ate growing up in Hawaii, either. I LOVED mountain apples but can't find them here in the Northwest.

I enjoy a lot of varieties - Our family stand-bys are Fujis and Galas. We like to dip slices in natural peanut butter or serve them with a strong cheese. Of course, with Halloween coming up, we've been making a lot of home-dipped caramel apples, too!

Palidor said...

My favorite apples are royal gala. I love baking with apples, especially crisps and pies.

Single Guy Ben said...

Jenster, I love mountain apples in Hawaii too! I wish someone would mass grow it and ship it out to us on the mainland. Unfortunately, I think it's the kind of crop you only find in someone's backyard! I recently read another blogger who found it in Malaysia, so it's probably in the tropical areas.

Palidor, apple pies and crisps seem pretty easy to make from what I remember but I just can't eat the whole thing being The Single Guy!

Hungry Dog said...

I like pink lady apples, and Fujis, and galas..., I like a lot varieties.But not the Red Delicious.

I eat them plain, but I love them in salads, cooked with chicken or pork, and baked into tarts.