Thursday, October 22, 2009

Food Paparazzi

Last weekend at San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market, I spotted Chef Brett Emerson looking over some fresh vegetables. (There he is with a big bunch of baby carrots.)

Emerson’s face may not be that recognizable by many people (even I took the picture and thought, hmmm, where have I seen him before?) but his restaurant, Contigo, is one of the few hot spots in the city creating a lot of buzz right now. I haven’t been able to check it out yet, but I’m dying to try his take on Catalan-inspired dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Emerson also pens the blog, In Praise of Sardines, which partly talked about his adventures in opening his restaurant. Not surprisingly, he hasn’t posted any new entries since Contigo opened in March. But from what I hear about the food, it sounds like it’s worth keeping him busy in the kitchen than in front of the computer.

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