Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dragon Fruit Lands in the Bay Area

This weekend I was shopping over on Clement Street in San Francisco's Richmond District, and made a stop at my regular favorite Asian grocer New May Wah Supermarket. I can always count on finding something interesting in their boxes of fruits and vegetables lining the front entrance on the sidewalk. This is the dragon fruit, which comes from places with tropical weather and mostly from Southeast Asia. I saw it for the first time in Vietnam. The fruit inside is just as interesting, with a gray-white meat with black specks. The texture of the meat inside reminds me a lot of a kiwi. I can't say it's my favorite tropical fruit, but it definitely has the nicest color. It was selling for $5.99 a pound. Won't it look pretty hanging from a Christmas tree?


Anonymous said...

I've only tried dragon fruit once. While I was mesmerized by its looks, I found the taste a little lacking. But then, maybe mine wasn't ripe enough or something.

Anonymous said...

I like to eat Dragon fruit.When I was in Taiwan, I often eat it!

Anonymous said...

I had that in Thailand too, but cut into pieces so I had never seen them whole, or the outside for that matter. What a pretty color, I'll keep my eye out for them, thanks for the tip!