Sunday, December 07, 2008

Today We Cook With the Letter C

This is the time for root vegetables, and one of the ugliest looking root has got to be the celeriac, sometimes known as celery root. I don't usually cook with this, but decided to buy it today at the farmers' market to make a soup.

With all the holiday eating, I thought it'll be nice to just make a really light soup, so I just added celery, which I actually enjoy although I know a lot of people don't seem to like this vegetable. I think celery cooking always make me think of stuffing for some reason. Now, the soup recipe I made below is pretty simple, but can look a bit muddy in this light green color, so to dress it up, I added some minced cilantro, another vegetable that gets extreme reaction from people.

So if you like celeriac, celery and cilantro, then this soup is for you. Enjoy!


Chubbypanda said...

My wife loves celeriac, so I'm always on the lookout for new recipes. Thanks, Ben! =)

Anonymous said...

One time I tried Campbells Cream of Celery soup... but this looks much more interesting. I am pretty unfamiliar with Celeriac is the texture like a turnip or jicama or...?

Single Guy Ben said...

Foodhoe, celeriac is like a root so it's more like taro if you know that. Or maybe a hard potato. It helps the soup thicken just a bit, but not exactly the same like starch. It doesn't have the water-like base of a turnip or jicama.