Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Flavors at Ici

It's been awhile since I dropped by Ici Ice Cream in Berkeley, but I did this afternoon after some holiday shopping. There was hardly a line, I guess because a lot of people are out shopping or think it's too cold for ice cream (it wasn't), so it didn't take me long to get my two scoops. One was Gingerbread and the other was Cardamon Rose. The Gingerbread had a subtle ginger flavor, and not super sweet like ginger cookies. The color really reminded me of coffee. They also had a Cranberry Orange Sorbet for the season. But I went for the Cardamon Rose, which was lovely with a distinct rose flavor. I felt like I was eating flowers at a spa. I'm a big fan of Ici because of the interesting seasonal flavors, but also because the texture is always so creamy and solid, not icy or clumpy like other ice cream shops. Ho ho ho.

Ici Ice Cream, 2948 College Ave., Berkeley (Elmwood neighborhood). PH: 510.665.6054.

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agent713 said...

Sounds yummy!