Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cooking Today with The Letter P

Pomegranates are plentiful at the farmers’ markets (and even my local supermarket) so I was excited to get my hands on them. I was trying to think of a new way of using them, and I decided that, if nothing else, they would look really pretty in polenta. (Originally I was thinking of making a pomegranate risotto, but I thought the ruby red jewels of the pomegranate seeds would look prettier against the yellow polenta.)

I typically don’t make polenta but have found a new appreciation for it when I had a really superbly done plate of polenta at Ubuntu Restaurant in Napa, Calif. And who doesn’t love fried polenta? But you know my policy on fried things. So I decided to make grilled polenta bedazzled with the pomegranates.

They turned out to be pretty, like I suspected, and I liked getting the burst of sweetness from the pomegranates as I ate the savory polenta. But I have to say, those seeds didn’t really stay put. They seem to fall right out of the polenta cakes once you stick your fork into them. Oh well, these pomegranate cakes turned out to be a nice side for some slow-cooked BBQ pork ribs I made, but I bet it’ll also be fun for brunch or on top of a salad. Enjoy!


David K. and Ann C.-K. said...

Funny you mention pomegranates (your dish looks delicious). We just made a baked salmon topped with a salsa made of pomegranate seeds, green onions, diced jalapeno, lime juice, avocados and garlic.

Single Guy Ben said...

Hmm, that sounds like a fun salsa. Tasty way to dress up salmon!

Anonymous said...

I love pomegranate too and mostly because they look like gemstones and add a nice visual touch. Thatsa beautiful picture Chef Ben!