Friday, August 01, 2008

The Seduction of a Tea Lover

Behind the scenes at Mariages Frères (Paris):

Henri: “Edouard, have you noticed the spike in our sales for le Casablanca blend?”

Edouard: “Oui, oui. Johnny in marketing says a food blogger in California called the Single Guy wrote about how much he loves le Casablanca.”

Henri: “Oh. What is les ‘blogger’?”

Edouard: “Ah, people with nothing to do and sit around all day talking like they know everything about food.”

Henri: “Mon ami, you pull mon leg? You know Edouard, we should come up with another blend to tickle ze fancy of les Single Guy.”

Edouard: “You read my mind, Henri. But it must be something enticing et irresistible. Even more romantic than le Casablanca.”

Henri: “How about les orchid tea that we got in ze other day?”

Edouard: “Oui, and let’s blend it with the essence of vanilla.”

Henri: “Edouard, you are a genius. I bow at your feet.”

Edouard: “Moi? Les nothing. But what shall we call it?”

Henri: “Black Orchid.”

Edouard: “Ah, brilliant. Now you’re ze genius.”

Henri: “Ze nothing. Edouard, should we get les ham et fromage baguette for lunch today?”

Edouard: “Oh, no. Not again. Today I feel like … croissant.”

Henri: “Ha, ha. Oui, et chocolat.”

Letter to Mariage Frères:

Dear Tea makers at Mariage Frères,

I have been a longtime fan of your exquisite tea ever since I stepped into your shop in the Marais district of Paris. In particular, I have raved on my food blog about your Casablanca blend.

I never thought I would find another flavor to rival it. But I did. Your newest blend, seductively called Black Orchid, is a soothing sweet tea with the richness of black tea combined with the gentle fragrance of vanilla. It’s my favorite tea now to make with my afternoon scone. I enjoy the fragrance of the tea so much that I must admit to sometimes just opening the canister and sniffing its contents.

Thank you again for a wonderful find. Please keep up the good work!


The Single Guy

Disclaimer: The above is fictitious and only happened in the mind of the Single Guy. The original Mariage Brothers were named Edouard and Henri, but of course they are now long gone. But their legacy continues.


Single Guy Ben said...

Following posted by Passionate Eater: (Moved from another post)

"I am going to write the company and petition for them to rename this tea in honor of you! I love your descriptions, I can literally taste the "soothing vanilla" flavors and feel the warmth of the tea steam on my face as I read your post."

Thanks PE! I would love to move to Paris! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Single Guy Ben, I have enjoyed your comments on PE's blog and thought I should have a look at your blog. I love the reviews and can only salivate thinking about some of the delicious and tempting places you have reviewed.
I am glad to see a review of this tea.
A French shop in Henley, here in England sells the Mariage tea blends. I was put off by the very hefty price so I didn't purchase the tea. I think I will buy it now and enjoy a cup!
I was looking at the Black Orchid blend! Your review has persuaded me to try it. Cheers

Anonymous said... name is Melinda not Meli!

Single Guy Ben said...

Hi Melinda, welcome from way across the pond! :) You must have so many tea to choose from in England. But I have to say, while MF is expensive, it is high quality. I consider it a treat now and then. BTW, I think you should go by Meli from now on! ;-)