Sunday, June 01, 2008

Woo-Hoo, Giants Win!

I haven't been cooking lately because I've been lazy after coming back from vacation, and because, well, it's baseball season so all I do is sit around watching games on TV. Or when I'm lucky, I get to see it live like I did on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

I was at AT&T Park for a San Francisco Giants game, the last of a three-game series with the San Diego Padres. Everyone was confident going into the game because pitching was young ace Tim Lincecum, who is leading the team with the most wins by a pitcher so far this season.

The game was moving at a brisk pace with both pitchers doing well to keep the innings short. So that gave me time to check out the food. I tried to look for anything new but there didn't seem to be that many new things.

The only thing that did seem new is this big chocolate-colored box of a stand by Ghiradelli, which sells a lot of ice cream things. I'm sure this is going to be really popular when it gets hot. Despite the sun, it was still a bit chilly today.

I had to figure out where to get some lunch so I decided to check out these stands behind the scoreboard where they sell the Crazy Crab sandwiches. I wasn't going to get a crab sandwich, which is crazy expensive, but I checked out the Anchor Grill because I was craving some meat after watching my family eat meat all the time when I was in Hawaii.

So I ended up getting a cheeseburger for $7.50 at the Anchor Grill. They sell regular cheeseburgers at other stands for only $6.50, but supposedly this is fresh off the grill. They cook it all well so there's no pink inside. It was OK but there was a lot of juice and I wasn't sure if that came from the meat or the grease. Notice something missing from the burger? Yeah, it's a cheeseburger but you don't see the cheese. Anyway, it's underneath the burger. There's just this thin layer of melted cheese. I had to take the lady's word that it was there.

Around the 7th inning when the Giants led 1 to 0, I went hunting for a snack. I wanted to try something different that you normally wouldn't get at a ballpark, and so I got some tiramisu from the North Beach Grill over by the first base side on the promenade level. It cost $6 and it's from Victoria Bakery.

Here's the layers of the rum-soaked cake. The cake was pretty good, but the cream was a bit stiff and it had a slight sour taste that I didn't like. I don't think this is worth $6.

At an earlier game, I had a ticket for the field level and that gives you access to some food stands on the ground level behind home base. I don't really like how the Giants restrict the food area depending on your ticket, because there's a lot of interesting food things on the club house level that I rarely get to try because I don't really like to sit on the club level. So anyway, the food stands behind home base included this Joe Garcia stand selling Mexican food.

Here are Joe Barcia's offerings, your typical burritos, street tacos, etc. I didn't try any of them.

The alcohol stands behind home base is also extra fancy, like this wine bar.

Back to today's game, the Giants lost its lead in the 7th when reliever Tyler Walker came into the game. He is not my favorite player, just for this reason that he always gives up the lead, which he did today. But in the end, we went into extra innings and the Padres took the lead at the top of the 10th but the Giants were able to rally in the bottom of the 10th to win the game. (And against all-time saves leader, closer Trevor Hoffman.) So it turned out to be a good game after all.

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Anonymous said...

too bad about the tiramisu, it looked good. I am a hot dog girl myself, and never move onto any other food items, well maybe garlic fries...