Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Business Lunch: Chicken Salad

Continuing where I left off yesterday about stretching your meals, today I’m posting a very basic recipe for chicken salad. I used half of the roasted chicken I made on the weekend and created chicken salad to take to lunch for work.

I kept this recipe pretty simple because the whole idea is not to spend a lot of money on ingredients with prices going sky high every day. But if you want to dress up your chicken salad, you can get ideas from an earlier post I did on curry chicken salad here.

So with my roasted chicken that I split into two dinners and the chicken salad, which I ate over two days at work, this is how much I spent for four meals:

Whole fryer chicken: $7.18
Broccoli (for a green side at dinner): $1.02
One orange (stuffed in the chicken): 85 cents
One lemon (why are they so expensive?): $1.29
Celery (to stuff in chicken and mixed with salad): $2.49
Red potatoes (roasted for dinner): $1.04
Carrots (for salad): 57 cents
Rosemary (to stuff in chicken and roasted with potatoes): $1.99
Acme Walnut Levain bread loaf (for chicken salad sandwiches): $3.95

Total: $20.38

That works out to be about $5.09 per meal, or the equivalent of roughly 1.25 gallons of gas.

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