Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day and the Brunch Buffet

So you know the main reason for my trip is to visit with my mom for Mother's Day. The day is finally here and it just means a lot of eating, morning, day and night. These are just some of the pictures from the brunch buffet we all went to at the Kuhio Beach Grill, a restaurant in the Waikiki Marriott Hotel, which used to be called the Hawaiian Regent Hotel when I was growing up.

I'm not a big buffet person but my mom loves it. She doesn't eat a lot but she just likes having all the choices. There were an omelet station, salad bar, cold meats and cheese, marinated fish section, dim sum, and a whole bunch of entrees. Then of course there were tons of desserts. This is just maybe 10 percent of what I saw.

Now I'm going to the beach to walk some of this off before dinner tonight. Hope all you moms out there are having a great day for yourself! Enjoy the food wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

You are a good son! ;)

Anonymous said...

I second Carolyn's comment :-)


agent713 said...

What are the little white balls?

Single Guy Ben said...

Those white balls were steamed buns. It was part of the dim sum tables. They were filled with char siu which is the traditional roasted pork. They were really cute too because they were mini size.