Saturday, May 03, 2008

Food Paparazzi

Chef Chris Cosentino is a regular at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market. I've seen him a few times when I've been there on Saturday morning. He was there again today doing his weekly shopping. As some of you know, Cosentino is the chef of the popular Incanto restaurant in Noe Valley, and is known for serving all parts of the animal on his menu. You can read more about his approach to offal here. I didn't spot him buying any meat (he's holding a big bag of spring onions under his arm), but I noticed later as he drove off that his car was packed with boxes of produce and, I'm sure, meat. (BTW, I noticed his signature blond highlights were not as dominant. I guess he's trying the more natural look.)


Anonymous said...

ben, it's cool that u can recognize Chef right away. I wouldn't be able to. Love the pic.

Melbourne Hotels said...

Chris Cosentino is an American chef noted for his specialty, offal dishes, now considered haute cuisine by many, and his eco-consciousness. He is executive chef at Incanto in San Francisco. He was a competitor on The Next Iron Chef and has appeared on Iron Chef America.