Sunday, July 29, 2007

Throw an Avocado on The Grill

Next time you fire up your grill this summer, consider throwing on a few halves of avocados. In California, we're finally seeing locally grown avocados, instead of the ones from Chile, so I've been enjoying eating them, especially since they're good for you. But as a fun party starter for a picnic, you can grill them just for less than a minute (the natural fat helps with the grilling, but you can also spray it lightly with an olive oil spray) and top them with my mango salsa recipe. It gives it a slight smokey taste, but really it's just to get those cool grill marks! Enjoy!

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Susan Rose said...

It's all in the presentation, right? Grill marks take the avocado to a new level... instead of just slick and slippery green, it now has traction.

I imagine this being nicely salted and peppered, then topped with the mango salsa.