Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just Peachy—Part I

Today I’m cooking with peaches, one of my favorite summer fruits. Below I’m sharing a simple recipe for a salad I put together last week after a day of cooking with sea bass. I was exhausted from cooking and wanted to do something simple and easy, so I grilled a peach and added some prosciutto I had left over from one of my bass recipes. And I got this light but filling dinner salad. I garnished it with some of the chaubier cheese I got for Bastille Day. It’s a goat and cow’s milk cheese that’s soft but hard enough to shave onto the salad. Enjoy!


Passionate Eater said...

I've been meaning to comment and say how much I love the new layout, and how I loved your play-by-play recounting of JAG and what went down on Food Network! Dang, that guy is a piece of work... I also want to thank you for your kind comments and encouragement regarding my move to New Orleans. I am not sure whether you are interested, but I was thinking about meeting up with some of my Bay Area food blogging inspirations before I leave: like Short Exact, Cookie Crumb, and you! Would you be interested, perhaps?

Single Guy Ben said...

Thanks PE! I would love to get together before you hit the Big Easy. Just drop me an email at singleguychef@comcast.net with the details!

Jason h said...
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