Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Colors at the Farmers Markets

California is known for its agriculture, and its shining moment is definitely in the summer when the farmers markets are packed with all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with tons of people out and about on a sunny weekend day.

Of course, heirloom tomatoes just scream summer. They're at their peak right now, and they look so juicy and ripe.

Summer squash can really turn into some beautiful gems with its marbling patterns. Plus, it's like sunshine on a plate.

I'm not a fan of eggplant, but I do love the purple color. At Chue's booth, they had four different kinds of eggplants, from Japanese to Chinese to Italian. Oops, I forgot the fourth one. Maybe it was Korean?

Grapes definitely say California to me, and although I'm more a fan of red flame seedless grapes, these black grapes look pretty classic.

I just enjoy wandering the farmers markets and just seeing bursts of color. This weekend the summer weather finally arrived, and just in time to spotlight all the amazing food here.


Anonymous said...

did you buy anything at the FM or just take pics?

Single Guy Ben said...

This weekend I got some strawberries, heirloom tomatoes and lemon cucumbers. I wanted to hunt down some Flavor Kings, my favorite pluots, but the vendors that had them only had small ones or ones that were too ripe. Tough season for Flavor Kings, I feel. :(

Anonymous said...

what kind of strawberries did u get & from where? I haven't had a Flavor Kings Pluots, but I do like Pluots good enough.

Single Guy Ben said...

It was some kind of organic strawberries. Forgot the farm, but it was only $2.50 for a basket. Flavor Kings are my favorite but this season I haven't seen that many of them.

Hungry Dog said...

Summer produce is the best, definitely more colorful than other seasons. I just ate a bunch of eggplant for lunch. I love it! but I feel like most people are in your camp. :)