Sunday, July 24, 2011

Food Paparazzi

It was a beautiful day to be out in San Francisco, so I went to a baseball game with a friend. But before the game, I picked up some bombolonis for a gametime snack at the Ferry Building. While I was there I noticed a familiar face also out enjoying the good weather.

Richard Blais is a chef that competed on Top Chef, and recently won the Top Chef All-Stars special. It's typically quiet at the Ferry Building and surrounding areas on a Sunday (not as crazy packed as Saturdays), so Blais could walk around freely with his family. But I wasn't the only one taking a double take because I saw a few other people turned their heads and thinking, "Is that ....?"
My Twitter friends reminded me that Blais was in town for a special dinner put on by the Frog Hollow Farm people on Saturday night. So I guess Sunday was his chance to enjoy the city. I wonder if his daughter is going to grow up to be a little Top Chef as well? :-)

Blais lucked out on the weather, but what's the deal with the scarf Blais? Yeah, this is San Francisco but we get sun sometimes too.

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Carolyn Jung said...

How sweet! Glad he got to spend some nice family time after all the work he did the night before at the fabulous Frog Hollow Farm dinner. I got to introduce him at the event. He is totally gracious. And his food was stellar.