Monday, November 01, 2010

Eat it Texas! Giants are World Series Champions!

You'll have to excuse me for this one, non-food post. But I can't help myself. WOO-HOO!! The San Francisco Giants have won the World Series for the first time since moving from New York. That's right. THE. VERY. FIRST. WORLD. SERIES. For San Francisco!

The torture is over.

While the Giants were taking care of business in Arlington, Texas, I joined thousands of fans at San Francisco Civic Center to watch the game. Mingling with total strangers all united around one team of unrecognizable, non-stars (well, except Tim "The Freak" Lincecum), you could tell everyone knew tonight would be the night.

When the game remained scoreless through six innings, people weren't panicked. They knew. It was going to happen.

Then in the 7th inning when World Series veteran Edgar Renteria hit a three-fun home run, the deal was sealed. All it took was Brian "Fear the Beard" Wilson to close it out in the 9th and destiny was met.

OK, so there were some food news. During those early innings, I got some food at several food trucks parked at the Civic Center to feed the crowds. Sure, you can get hot dogs and pretzels, but it's San Francisco so we had to have things like Chairman Bao's delectable pork belly buns along with Sam's Chowder, the Senor Sisig, and Twirl and Dip natural ice cream.

Tonight was a wild celebration to a season that never seemed like it could ever end this way. This year's San Francisco Giants are made up of several now well-publicized misfits and rejects whom other teams passed over or placed on waivers. San Francisco gave them a home, just like the city has always done. When others give up on you, it's not the end of the road. You can still be a champion. World champions.


JulieK said...

Nice post. Go Giants!

Barbara Cameron said...

Boy was that game a nail biter! We wanted SF to win so badly. We HATE Texas.
Besides watching Baseball, I make handpainted aprons. Hope you'll visit:

Barbara Cameron said...

Forgot to add:
Aprons and cooking go together! Right?

foodhoe said...

aww, cheers single guy, what an awesome way to watch the game! Mr K and I were stuck in public hearing regarding public lands adjacent to our home, so we missed the whole thing... but looks like some people celebrated in style!

Carolyn Jung said...

Those food trucks sure were smart to park front and center there. Glad you could be part of history. Yay, Giants!!

Nate @ House of Annie said...

What an electrifying evening!

Hungry Dog said...

This was so awesome--and I'm not even a baseball fan! But I'm so happy for the Giants and for SF. Looks like a lot of fun watching the game at CC. Great weather for it too!

Mrs. L said...

Oh man, is that not the coolest thing or what!? I so wanted to drive to the city after that game and just go crazy, alas I had some other responsibilities to attend to. That didn't stop me from going nuts in front of my tv and scaring the cat with all my screaming! Makes all those cold days on hard seats at Candlestick watching the team for many years worth it.