Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bakesale Betty in Oakland’s Uptown

I’ve been writing about the new eateries opening around my office in Oakland’s Uptown/Lake Merritt neighborhood, but probably the most high profile opening so far was the second location of the popular bakery Bakesale Betty. That’s right. Fried chicken sandwiches for everyone!

The spot has been highly anticipated for the office workers in the area, especially since that corner of Broadway and Grand have been under construction for more than a year. When Bakesale Betty opened a little over two months ago, the first few days there were lines snaking out of the bakery just like they do at the original location in the Temescal neighborhood.

But this is, after all, a working neighborhood. So after awhile, I think people realized they didn’t have their whole lunch hour to stand in line for a chicken sandwich. It’s either that or the workers at Bakesale Betty move lightening quick because now the long lines are gone.

So that meant it was safe for me to visit, especially since you know I don’t eat deep-fried foods.

This second location is actually bigger than the original spot, but when you walk in the customer space seems similar. That’s because most of the space has been dedicated to the production side of the business. Like the Temescal location, there isn’t any seating inside and most of the seating is outside using the novel ironing boards.

I was hoping the second location would offer more sandwich options for sale, but Bakesale Betty sticks to what it knows best, which is the fried chicken sandwich. Here you see the crew preparing sandwiches made to order.

Of course, you can also get baked goods. Along with the oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies, there are also peach cobblers for the season. What’s disappointing is that this second location does not sell any scones. (A girl at the counter says they don’t do any baking at the location in the mornings so no scones. Plus she says the scones weren’t that popular when it first opened. Are the area office workers insane??!! I was so looking forward to my afternoon breaks with a scone and some tea.)

But if I can’t get any afternoon scones, I may come back for their strawberry shortcakes.

The Uptown location does try something different in the décor, with this string of rolling pins hanging high along the walls near the ceiling.

So if I don’t get their fried chicken sandwiches, I do visit Bakesale Betty for its egg salad sandwich, which is just as satisfying. Here’s the sandwich at my desk at work during my lunch break. Made with lots of eggs and arugula, the sandwich is simple and tasty. (The only downside is there are bits of red onion, which I never noticed when I ordered it from the Temescal location. So that must be a new addition.)

The only thing I haven’t spotted at the Uptown location is Betty and her blue wig. I guess she’s busy building her empire.

Bakesale Betty, 2228 Broadway (at Grand), Oakland. PH: 510.251.2100. Open Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


foodhoe said...

single guy, I didn't know about your aversion to red onions! that's a tough one since it seems like they're piled onto everything. That egg salad sounds wonderful, lucky you to have so many great lunch options...

Nate @ House of Annie said...

they must've put the red onions in just for you! j/k

That line is a good advertisement for the new location. I wonder if it was just that - people paid to make a long line for a few days to attract attention.

agent713 said...

Oooh those sneaky red onions. I agree with Nate. They were added just for you :D

Looks like a fun place!

Anonymous said...

what do you think of their fried chicken sandwiches? I think they're very overrated.

Single Guy Ben said...

I haven't had the fried chicken sandwich at this outlet of Bakesale Betty. I generally avoid it because of my aversion to deep-fried foods, but once at a picnic where my friend had the fried chicken sandwich catered, I tried a couple of bites and it was pretty good, nicely fried and nice with the cole slaw. I can see why it's popular. But I have heard that it's hit and miss sometimes depending on how fresh everything seems or if the fried chicken has sat around.