Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Food Gallery: Thanksgiving Edition

I'm a big fan of corn, in general, but it's a summer crop. Except in the fall when you see Indian corn at the markets. They are perfect for that Indian-greets-the-pilgrims-decorated table. I just love their deep, rich fall colors, sometimes just a mix of jewels. So here's my photo showcase of some Indian corn I bought to decorate the table. (BTW, does anyone actually cook these?)

Programming note: Tomorrow I will actually be cooking my very first turkey. I know, you're thinking, "Single Guy, you've never cooked a turkey?" Yes, that's because it's obvious why I've never made turkey. As the Single Guy at Thanksgiving, I'm generally the guest at other people's table, so I've never had to make my own turkey. And when there were those many Thanksgivings when I was by myself, I either just cooked a turkey breast or ate chicken instead.

But this Thanksgiving my nephew is visiting from college and I'm making a turkey dinner for him and his girlfriend. It's just the three of us squeezed into my little studio apartment. And if you're curious and have nothing else to do tomorrow, you can follow along my cooking adventure as I live blog on Thanksgiving day. Yes, you can see how my first turkey turns out. I don't really have a roasting pan that's big and my oven only has one rack, so it'll be a mystery on how I'll get everything done. Tune in tomorrow to see.


Palidor said...

Wow, what gorgeous colors on the corn. I don't think you can cook Indian corn... can you?? Looking forward to your turkey adventures tomorrow!

averagebetty said...

Beautiful photos!
Best of luck with your first turkey! I've never cooked one either... I bring the cookies ;)

Jenster said...

Your corn photos are gorgeous! I've heard that Indian corn aren't very good for eating, but I could be wrong.

I've never cooked a turkey either, and I'm married with two kids! We usually go to my sister-in-law's house for Thanksgiving and bring a few side dishes. Then we host the family Christmas Eve dinner, but I usually bake a honey ham.

I'm sure your turkey will turn out delicious. Have a wonder Thanksgiving, Ben.

JulieK said...

Wow, ambitious! Good for you!

Carolyn Jung said...

Good luck with the turkey. Really, it's no harder than roasting a chicken. You're brave, though, in blogging about it in real time. I always think cooking the holiday feast is stressful enough. I can't even imagine photographing it and writing about it at the very same time! Can't wait to hear about your outstanding results. Happy T-Day!

Hungry Dog said...

Good luck with the turkey! You'll do just fine. Happy thanksgiving!!