Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Boy Farms Cipolline Italian Onions

The summer stone fruits are out at the farmers markets right now, but something that caught my eye while strolling the Grand Lake Farmers Market in Oakland were these lovely cipolline Italian onions. First off, they have such an odd, funny shape. But they had the transcendent glow to them that made them seem so enticing. What would you do with them? Do you think it would work in a French onion soup recipe? I bet Italians use this a lot in summer salads.

BTW, the Grand Lake Farmers Market had a new layout to their booths. Basically, they switched all the crafts booth to the other side, giving the farmers' booths more room to show off their produce. Such a simple change and it really made a difference. It no longer feels cramped. Kudos to the smart person who sat there one day and thought, hmmm, wonder what would happen if we just switched sides?

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egg to the apples said...

I can't wait to check the new layout next week!

Hungry Dog said...

I love cipollines, they always look like little flying saucers to me. I like to roast them whole and serve them with other veggies and a roast.

Anonymous said...

Single Guy,

I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for yummy, tummy tempting recipes.

It made me such a Happy Girl! I worked seasonally for Happy Boy as a marketer in the S. Bay, and was thrilled to see someone showcase our spring cips.

I love to cut the tops onto scrambles, or salads...or toss them last minutes into the melting cheese of a quesadilla.

I am off to Italy soon, and wonder if you have any recommendations for eateries. (you mentioned travel as a hobby).

Look for sweet potatos soon at the HB stand.


Single Guy Ben said...

K, welcome to my blog! I always check out the HB stand when I'm at the farmers' market.

I love Italy! Sorry, but it's been many years since I've visited so my recommendations probably wouldn't be relevant to what's happening today. But my favorite memories are just getting those square artichoke pizza slices from any of the pizza places. I can never find anyone in the US making that kind of artichoke pizzas (the entire square is filled with artichoke hearts!). Eat lots of gelato and enjoy!