Saturday, June 06, 2009

Vote for San Francisco as America’s Favorite Farmers Market

With so many farmers’ markets in the Bay Area, I’m sure you have your personal favorite. Like me, it might be the one closest to your neighborhood with a lot of vendors and fun music.

But when it comes to America’s best, I don’t think anything compares to the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in the city’s historic Ferry Building. The Saturday market is a huge attraction, bringing out both locals and tourists to the picturesque setting. Not only are there a lot of produce vendors, but you have all the great eats and the gourmet stores in the Ferry Building. And you can’t deny the market has the best views and perfect weather to go strolling for fresh foods for your table.

That’s why I’m encouraging all of you to please vote for the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market as the best in America. The contest is being run by the American Farmland Trust, which supports local farmers. Go to the group’s Web site and look for San Francisco, then click to vote. (The map is a bit wonky, I think, but please persevere and look for the right San Francisco market to click on.)

Voting goes until August, but vote now so you don’t forget. And visit a farmers’ market this weekend!

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Carolyn Jung said...

The Ferry Plaza one definitely deserves the vote. I have to say, though, that Mountain View's farmers' market gives it a good run for the money. Well, yes, it's closer to my house, too. But the depth and breadth of the vendors is awesome, as well. It remains one of my fave markets anywhere.