Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What’s Hopping at Yoppi Yogurt

Hot enough for ya? We’ve had record heat in the San Francisco Bay Area the last two days, so I’m cooling off by looking at some recent photos of frozen yogurt I had at Yoppi Yogurt in the city’s Financial District.

The current warm weather reminds me that I need to get back into my fro-yo rankings. And I’ve never visited Yoppi, but read about it on Foodhoe’s Foraging blog. The problem is Yoppi isn’t open on weekends, so I had to check it out one day after work.

The shop is pretty small in an office tower at the corner of Sansome and Clay Streets. It’s one of those self-serve fro-yo shops, so you pay by the ounce.

Yoppi Yogurt offers four flavors: Yoppi Tart (original flavor), Blueberry Tart, French Vanilla and Classic Chocolate. I got myself a small cup of the original tart fro-yo and went over to the topping station and sprinkled on some fresh strawberries and mango cubes. (Oh, and I couldn't resist and topped it off with a cherry.)

My total came out to $3.62, which doesn’t sound so bad (it cost 46 cents an ounce). The yogurt itself was a bit tart when I first ate it, but after awhile I got used to it and I didn’t really notice the tartness. The texture is not as creamy as I’ve had from other places, but it wasn’t icy. It was kind of in the middle, which is kind of where I’m putting Yoppi on my rankings. It’s a decent cup of fro-yo that hits the spot when you’re on the go, but not anything I’d search out or spend a lot of time hanging out.

Single Guy's Fro-yo Rankings:

1. Red Mango, Palo Alto
2. Pinkberry, Southern California
3. Tuttimelon, San Francisco
4. YoCup, San Francisco
5. Fraiche, Palo Alto
6. Icebee, San Francisco
7. Yoppi, San Francisco
8. Jubili, San Francisco
9. SoGreen, San Francisco
10. Yogurt Harmony, Berkeley
11. Yogen Früz, San Francisco
12. Céfiore, San Francisco

Yoppi Yogurt, 475 Sansome St., San Francisco. Open weekdays, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. PH: 415.399.1788. www.yoppiyogurt.com


Carroll said...

Your fro-yo review collection is growing fast, Single Guy, and never fails to make me drool.

I'm meeting a friend at the favorably-Yelped (can we make "Yelp" into a verb like Google now?) "Yogurtland" in Cupertino later this week. At .30/ounce I'm thinking it's going to make me very happy indeed :-)

Jenster said...

Looks yummy! The current frozen yogurt craze reminds me of the same craze back in the '80s, but the yogurts and toppings seem healthier now.

(Remember the popular Yami Yogurt shop at Ala Moana Shopping Center?)

Of the places on your list, I've only tried Red Mango, which is at a mall near my home, and I really like their original flavor, which is a little tart and not too sweet. I haven't tried their other flavor (green tea) because I don't like green tea. * Hangs Asian head in shame *

Single Guy Ben said...

Carroll, you guys have so many choices down on the hotter Peninsula.

Jenster, I used to loooove Yami Yogurt. I don't think they're still around, huh? Do you hate all things green tea? I think some green tea fro-yo has been weird, and I can't remember what Red Mango was like. I usually go with the original flavor, nice and clean. But I do love green tea ice cream.

Mark Scarbrough said...

I am SO at Red Mango when we're in the Bay Area. So there.

Carolyn Jung said...

Blueberry tart? Ooooh, that sounds interesting. But then again, in this heat, ANY frozen yogurt would be good right about now.

dave said...

My and my girlfriend have become fiends of this new, Yogurt 2.0 trend. Ever since our friends in Long Beach turned us on to Yogurtland [also in Cupertino], we've tried to sample as much as we could.

I mostly favor the server yourself establishment. Yogurtland is sometimes as low as .35 and ounce! You can mix flavors and toppings to your hearts content. Not really into the Pinkberry serving with a huge amount of ONE kind of topping.

It's funny how so many of these outfits use virtually the same
colors, decor and silly swirl design in their logo!
-Dave B.